As retailers and businesses, we have an opportunity to engage together more effectively and present a clear voice as a group of retailers to positively impact the future of Grimsby town centre. There has been clear frustration arising from anti-social behaviour, homelessness and a lack of cleanliness. If we are going to be successful as a town, we will need to help ourselves more effectively. This is why the Grimsby Retailers in Partnership came into existence. The GRIP CIC was set up to bring together and expand a number of projects and activities that the retailers already engaged in together. Here is the feedback that we have received from some of our members so far in spite of the impact of the pandemic and its lockdowns:- 

Freshney Place Shopping Centre, Grimsby  

Amanda Austin, Freshney Place Shopping Centre Manager said: “Grimsby Retailers in Partnership (GRIP) is a really important tool for our retailers and an important development in terms of local business crime reduction. The technology facilitates an immediate line of communication between our store managers; the shopping centre management and police which help prevent crimes and anti-social behaviour. It also provides our retailers with additional protection and security as well as helping to keep our shopping environment safe and crime free.” 

Freshney Place Shopping Centre is Lincolnshire’s largest shopping centre and is the main shopping destination within Grimsby.  It has close to 80 shops, covering both hugely popular high street brands and delightful, independent boutiques.  There are several cafés for visitors to enjoy and extensive on-site car parking.  


This classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its iconic Big Mac and fries currently offers dine-in and no-contact delivery.  

All McDonald’s employees are asked to confirm they are fit and able to work, and contactless thermometers are in use to take employee temperatures on arrival at work for every shift and are required to wash their hands at least every 30 minutes. Sanitiser is provided for restaurant teams, delivery partners and customers. 

Customers are encouraged to pay by contactless payment methods and wear a face covering by law unless exempt and can use the My McDonald’s App to browse the menu, order and pay ahead. 

McDonald’s franchisees are working with local police and councils to support efforts in maintaining public safety.  

Franchisee for Grimsby Town Centre, Ayolt Kloosterboer said: “We joined the GRIP CIC initially because our staff had to deal with verbal abuse and anti-social behaviour both inside and outside our restaurant and we needed more help and support to deal with it.  

“The safety and security of our people and our customers is our absolute priority and we strive to ensure our restaurants are a welcoming and friendly environment for all. We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to crime and anti-social behaviour both in and around our restaurants. We maintain positive working relationships with the police and invest in CCTV and security staff as necessary. 

“As town centre retailers we have an opportunity to engage together more effectively to help each other and present a clear voice as a group of retailers to positively impact the future of Grimsby town centre.  

“I volunteered to be the first Chairman of the GRIP CIC as I strongly believe in working together with partners such as the police and the council to help improve our town centre safety and make the place a more vibrant and dynamic place to work and visit and would urge other town centre businesses to join and support our efforts.” 

Located at:
42-44 Victoria Street West DN31 1DG in Grimsby Town Centre. 
Opening Times:
7am-10pm daily
01472 354459  
Order online at: 
  •  mcdonalds.co.uk 
  •  ubereats.com
  •  just-eat.co.uk


Quote from Jayne, Superdrug Store Manager Grimsby:- 

“Being part of the GRIP CIC is peace of mind knowing that we have someone at end of the radio. It’s a great service to our store and I love the fact that we have communication with other stores in the Centre.” 

Superdrug is a health and beauty retailer and part of a large group. In this store, you can find facilities and services available like those you find in a Pharmacy as well as health and beauty products. 

Once all you’re shopping is done and you fancy grabbing a bite to eat with friends and family to rest your feet, you’re in luck. Our eateries range from Costa Coffee, to BB’s Coffee Shop and M&S Café so you will not be disappointed. 

Be sure to look out for all the latest exciting events happening at Freshney and all are free to attend. 

There is also 800 car parking space available to make your shopping easy from only £1 for one hour and we are directly accessible from rail and road. 

We hope to see you soon.

The Entertainer  

The Entertainer is one of the UKs largest toy retailers, currently operating over 170 stores. Our goal is to be the best loved Toy Shop, one child and one community at a time. That’s why, in every store, we hold regular demonstrations, organise competitions and even have guest appearances from the most popular characters of the day as part of our Playground Club. Visit our store to browse our selection of toys and games located at: 

35 Baxtergate, Freshney Place, Grimsby, DN31 1QL. Telephone: 01472 349765. Website: https://www.thetoyshop.com/store/Grimsby/  

Here are a few of the benefits we are seeing from using the new radio system and DISC app provided with our GRIP CIC membership: 

Having the app on our store mobile is really helpful as not only do we get a weekly update we are able to see pics of suspects and anyone of interest to the centre, being able to use the app to log thefts is very easy and also saves a lot of time being on phone to the police as time in store is very precious now. 

Being linked to the radio system is also a big help as we have suffered in the past from heavy theft, being able to hear what is happening in the centre is very helpful, and being in contact with the centre security helps when we have a situation where we need support. 

The payment and setting up process was very straight forward and easy to do and we were set up and running within a couple of weeks. 

Downloading the app and the registration process was also very easy and took no longer than 10 minutes to do; it is easy to negotiate the app and not at all confusing. 

Getting a weekly email helps with knowing what is happening and the app on the phone instantly pings if something is going on or if we need to know anything specific. 

In all I would highly recommend using the radio and app to any retailer in the town centre as this is something we have been asking for – for a long time and it is so easy to use and not expensive at all when you break it down monthly. The app is so easy to use and save us time so we have time to give better customer service to our customers as a result. 

Lee Mitchell, Grimsby Store Manager 

North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (NELCSP) welcomes the establishment of a local business crime reduction partnership, Grimsby Retailers in Partnership (GRIP), to help local retailers to combat shop theft, anti-social behaviours and retail crime and urges more retailers to join and get involved.

“Business Crime Reduction Partnerships help to bring the retail community together with statutory partners such as the police and community safety organisations, in efforts to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour which can affect businesses, their staff, customers and the wider community.”

Chief Superintendent Darren Wildbore, NELCSP Chair said: “North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership’s priorities for 2021-24 include the prevention and reduction of acquisitive crime, violent crime, and anti-social behaviour. These types of crime and disorder can be harmful to communities and business locally so we welcome the local business crime reduction partnership, known as GRIP. These types of partnerships provide a valuable source of information for retailers and demonstrate practical steps to identify offenders. I would urge those who aren’t already members to sign up to GRIP.”

Humberside Police are proud to support and work in partnership with GRIP (Grimsby Retailers In Partnership – CIC).

The philosophy of this work is simple, in that it empowers businesses and retailers to take control of what happens in their business community – taking responsibility and working together to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. 

This initiative encourages and promotes communication and understanding between Community Safety Partners and GRIP members, and encourages and enhances cooperation among retailers, supporting them to speak as one voice across the North East Lincolnshire business community. 

The DISC system is a really effective collaborative solution to help quickly share and disseminate information about crimes or suspicious incidents across member businesses, while also allowing for two way communication for sharing intelligence, crime prevention advice while also showcasing collective good results and best practice. 

Paul French, Superintendent 5691
Neighbourhood Policing and Partnerships (Southbank)
Humberside Police  

Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) is pleased to provide business support services for the GRIP CIC. Whilst we are not located in the Grimsby Town Centre we do support voluntary and community organisations that deliver their services in the town and many of the residents who visit the town centre are connected to local charities we work with too. Our company has over 20 years’ experience of working with community safety partners across North East Lincolnshire and a successful track record in securing funds to support their priorities for action. Paula Grant, Chief Officer of VANEL commented: “whilst commercial retail is a very different business to ours we have lots of shared concerns that can be addressed working together on the business crime reduction partnership. We can all learn from each other’s experiences to help build a stronger and more resilient town centre for everyone to enjoy both commercially and socially. Indeed during the recent global pandemic lockdown the partners and members kept meeting each other through online sessions to keep the GRIP CIC development work progressing.” 

Paula Grant, Chief Officer,
Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL)

Primark Grimsby is a discount fashion chain offering clothes and accessories for all ages, plus homewares located at 65-67 Friargate in Freshney Place. Telephone 01472 354363. Visit our website here: https://www.primark.com/en/ to what sort of goods you can find in our store. 

Jonathan Sachro, Security Officer at Primark commented that: “the radio is great. It’s very useful in regards to being notified and notifying other users of suspect characters in real time. The accompanying mobile app is invaluable, on multiple occasions, having been notified of an individual within the town centre area via radio, I’ve been able to use the app on the fly to see an image of the person so I can put a face to the name.  The app is also handy for me to view previous incidents which have occurred and see patterns of behaviour and to share images in the hopes of other users being able to help with identification of suspects.”

What is EQUANS and its involvement in Grimsby’s town centre? 

We’re a global company that partners with North East Lincolnshire Council on the county’s urban regeneration. Making it a safer, more pleasant place for residents and visitors. That includes supporting local business and investing in the community to redesign the way we move, work and live. Our funding and expertise contribute to most aspects of life in Grimsby and surrounds – public spaces, enhanced infrastructure and the daily management of key places are central to our business.

We work in tight partnership, with offices a stone’s throw from the authority’s Municipal building in the town centre. Top Town Market, Business Centres and council-owned car parks are under our management, coupled with maintaining council properties including Grimsby Central Library, the town hall, municipal office and our Doughty Road depot.

Security operations are carried out from our control room on Doughty Road, and we’re responsible for parking enforcement patrols to make roads a safer place for road users.

Operations Director at EQUANS, Paul Thorpe says: “The GRIP radio system is a powerful and essential tool for our security teams in Grimsby’s town centre – deterring antisocial behaviour and combating crime. It allows security teams to share information between Freshney Place Shopping Centre, Top Town Market and the wider centre. It’s an essential tool that’s fundamental to our operations in the centre.” 

Small Retail Member: Two Spotty Dogs  

The story so far… 

The idea of Two Spotty Dogs first came into my mind when I was touring the country, attending fairs selling Made In Italy Clothing. The popularity of this brand grew, and from there we decided to open up a small market stall. This was such a success that in order to meet the demands of our customers, we decided to open up the shop. 

We then began expanding the range further, adding giftware in order to sell the things we love, and love to receive. At Two Spotty Dogs we stock an amazing array of unique, designer-led giftware and Made In Italy Clothing. We are located in Grimsby, and the store has become Grimsby’s ‘go to’ gift store. It is a magical independent store, and we hope you love our store as much as we do. 

Helping customers is our passion, so if you need any assistance please let us know. We are always more than happy to help. 

And if you were wondering where the name ‘Two Spotty Dogs’ came from – it is named after my two Dalmatian dogs Molly & Archie! 

Alex Scales, Two Spotty Dogs Owner said: I’m finding the DISC app really useful to identify potential risks to me and the staff, I feel better having an idea who the possible shop lifters are.” 

Riverhead Coffee  

Nic Till Manager says: our Multi-Award Winning Independent Coffee Shops are located on Victoria Street in Grimsby Town Centre. Everyone welcome! Join us for a healthy yet tasty breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea or coffee and delicious homemade treats. We cater for vegan, gluten-free, dairy free and people with other allergies.

See our Facebook page for more info here: @riverheadcoffee; Tel. 01472 485580 

North East Lincolnshire Council  

The council’s portfolio holder for Safer and Stronger Communities, Cllr Ronald Shepherd said:  

“North East Lincolnshire Council fully supports the police, Freshney Place Shopping Centre and the top town retailers in their efforts to help reduce ASB towards shop staff and visitors to Grimsby Town Centre. The council is committed to investing in town centre improvements to make this area of Grimsby a more attractive and vibrant place to visit for shoppers and wider leisure use. The Town Centre Forum has listened to retailers’ concerns and the council encouraged and supported retailers to set up their own independent partnership so that they have a clear voice on the Town Centre Forum.” 

Head of Service for SAFER Paul Caswell said: 

“As a lead partner on the Town Centre Forum the council is keen to help support the business crime reduction partnership known as the Grimsby Retailers in Partnership (GRIP) CIC. By working together collectively with retailers in the town centre we can help shop workers feel safer and be safer by being connected to their radio system and reporting incidents on the DISC App. Other benefits of GRIP CIC membership include access to briefings and training opportunities from the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships and other local partners who support the GRIP CIC such as the e-factor. The GRIP CIC has worked really hard during lockdown to attract members and support those smaller retailers who were most badly impacted by the lockdown to join as members by securing council grants to help them.” 

SPS Group Services

Starting life as a family-owned company we are still today a family owned business “keeping facilities clean and secure for over 25 years”. 

Now with centuries of man hours experience SPS Group Services are still offering bespoke solutions in security, cleaning, maintenance, and training for clients throughout the North of England from our 24-hour control room and Headquarters based in Hull and strategically located regional branch offices enhancing our operational coverage and capabilities. 

Since our formation, we have built up a secure financial foundation and have developed into a “large enough to manage”, “small enough to care” total solutions facilities management provider offering full end to end solutions. 

Quote from: Liam Oswin Freshney Place Shopping Centre Customer Service and Security Manager on behalf of SPS Group: 

“Here at SPS, we are extremely proud to have been involved with GRIP, commencing with the early ideas and planning, right through to its introduction and continued development now it is live and actively being used. The DISC App via GRIP is the perfect platform, with both website and mobile access to share important information between retailers and the Police in order for everyone to have their direct impact on the overall aim of reducing crime. Having the direct link to the Police via a radio link as well as receiving communication from them within the app provides not only key and up to date information, but also gives all users the reassurance that they are supporting businesses in the area.” 


Starrider is a sci’fi/comics store based in Grimsby. We stock a wide range of comics and collectables from Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who and many other franchises. From 2022 the shop is moving to new premises at 156 Victoria Street, Grimsby. 

“I have joined the GRIP scheme because myself and the store have been subject to numerous instances of antisocial behaviour over the years, and hopefully being a member of GRIP will help minimise further incidents” Paul Berry, Manager, Starrider 

Willow Tree Boutique

Willow Tree Boutique is a new clothes shop that we have recently opened in Freshney Place Shopping Centre at 35 Friargate Grimsby. We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. 

“I’m very happy with the DISC App and radio security system, not only does it share vital information between shops and keeps communication open and with added back up for security purposes. The App allows me to identify shop lifters etc. as we are new to the shopping centre, if allows me sight of potential people to watch for as a name means nothing unless you see a person. It has been invaluable to ourselves so far and hope it continues so we can carry on being safe for us and our customers.” 

Hazel Clay, Manager, Willow Tree Boutique 

HMV – Freshney Place 

HMV is located Freshney Place Shopping Centre in Grimsby is a leading specialist retailer of music, film, pop culture and technology products, with 100 stores around the UK offering a wide selection of new release and catalogue titles. 

“The GRIP System helps to keep us in the loop and makes us aware of any individuals that we may need to keep an eye on. The APP is an especially useful additional that can help people like me to view photos to familiarise myself with faces that were once just names on the radio.”

Martin Camm – HMV Store Supervisor