Exciting wider partnership development opportunity with VESR Group 


As town centre businesses, we are each a key part of our town centre community and clearly all have a genuine interest in creating a successful town centre environment.  Our own employees want to feel safe, and our customers and clients want to come to a safe and welcoming place when they visit our premises.  

The GRIP CIC was founded in 2019 as a private sector created collaboration with the council, neighbourhood policing team and other partners to deliver a safer town centre environment.  We already have 30 retailers fully signed up to use the radio system and APP technology, and now we are ready to do more! 

We are delighted that our organisation’s approach and the next stage in our development with the Grimsby Town Centre Forum is also welcomed by VESR, the private sector lead partnership supporting growth in the visitor economy, services and retail sector across North East Lincolnshire. 

The Visitor Economy Services and Retail (VESR) Group champions the sector and drives its vision and strategy and by chairing the town centre forum is in a strong position to influence its future direction. Our Chair met the town centre forum shared and identified some clear common areas to join up and strengthen our collective approach to partnership development opportunities for mutual benefit. 

Ayolt Kloosterboer, Chair of the GRIP CIC said:

“We are really pleased to accept support from more town centre businesses, by joining us as members of the GRIP CIC, so we can build on work so far together.  Until now, we have delivered extra services on a voluntary basis, with more business support, we can work towards encouraging more events, improving communications and keep on reducing crime.” 

Amanda Austin, Freshney Shopping Place Manager observed:

“GRIP CIC is an organisation set up to bring together businesses based in and around Grimsby town centre.  Our overall aim is to help make sure our town centre is a safe, welcoming and appealing place for our customers and clients to visit, explore and enjoy to maximise trading income minimise losses arising from criminal behaviour.” 

Tom Stevens, Neighbourhood Police Inspector with lead responsibility for Grimsby Town Centre commented:

“There is clear frustration with anti-social behaviour, shop theft and homelessness along with a need for regular positive activities and events in the town centre to draw visitors and increase footfall.  We believe, by coming together in this way, we can all make a positive difference to improve the centre.”

3 success stories this month to share as a result of joint working between GRIP Members and Humberside Police:

A Wanted Male was arrested by Humberside Police on the 3 March 2022

Humberside Police had informed GRIP members of wanted persons earlier in the day (via the radio system) and Freshney Place Control spotted this male entering the Shopping Centre; the male was monitored while Police were contacted. The Police officers were guided to the wanted male and he was arrested while still in the Shopping Centre.  

This shows the effective joint working between GRIP members and Humberside Police. 

Wanted female was arrested on 8 March 2022 

A female was arrested by Humberside Police and she was identified as being wanted on the DISC App. 

A member of the Freshney Place management team spotted a female who was known to be wanted by Humberside Police via an update over the GRIP radio system.  

Police were informed and the female was arrested in Grimsby Bus Station. 

Another example of GRIP members working alongside Humberside Police.

Young man sentenced after being convicted of robbery and two counts of shop theft

The court was told how the young man recklessly targeted and threatened a teenager with a knife and demanded their bike was handed over and the young man then fled the scene. In a separate incident, the young man had made similar threats to retail staff after he attempted to flee a DIY store with several hundred pounds worth of electrical goods. 

This young man was ordered to serve over 7 years in prison. 

Yet another positive result for GRIP and its town centre partners including Humberside Police.